Death Cheer Team Surveys Plane Crash

Da Silvas on a plane crash, leaving their bodies scattered across the landscape. A huge block party of death cheer members congregates to witness the event, complete with beer and bbq… ok, I made the last part up.

Video taken lets us walk around the scene of the accident and allows us to see what the victims of the crash of a small engine plane look like. They are surprisingly in tact so I can only guess that they weren’t that high up or maybe attempting to land before the crash?

Thanks to @mrspink.

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9 thoughts on “Death Cheer Team Surveys Plane Crash

  1. Da-silva 1
    “hey amigo, me asistia da victimoso de crasha de aeroplania?”
    Da-silva 2
    “No no no! si filmatia da mangealia-ed victimoso de crasha!”
    Da-silva 1
    “ahhhh, si… mi filmatia, en uplodiatia a ri-gore-mortisia”

    Ok, so i made that up – but in my half-cut mind, its sounds about right..ia

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