Woman Stabbed To Death By Boyfriend, Boyfriend Lynched By Crowd Of People

On the afternoon of Tuesday, November 7th, a woman named Elisabete Oliveira, was waiting at a bus stop in São Paulo, Brazil, when her boyfriend walked up to her and started stabbing her. Elisabete had apparently just ended the relationship with the man and he clearly was not going to let that happen. He stabbed her multiple times while a crowd of people tried to intervene, but it was too late. But this isn’t China, so people did actually step into help, and a group of them started beating the man while others attended to the dying woman. The group of people beat him so badly that he did end up dying from his injuries. Elisabete’s family and friends said she was a hard worker and still attending college to try to better her future. They also said they were shocked at the boyfriend’s actions because he was known to be a very quiet man. It’s always the damn quiet ones.

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19 thoughts on “Woman Stabbed To Death By Boyfriend, Boyfriend Lynched By Crowd Of People

    • They couldn’t have known If he deserved it, she could have just hacked their child’s head off for all they know. I think the irony is that what they did to him was more about opportunity than justice. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  1. RGM Words of Wisdom #71

    Never try to drag a dying man into traffic. You could easily join him.

    Isn’t that the truth? Folks have places to go. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be there traveling and the police showing up will just make The Scene all kinds of worse, even worse than those last two stomps! I mean, what the fuck were those other than pathetic? Babies can do better!

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