Indian Doctor Strangles His Girlfriend And Stuffs Her In Suitcase

Alrighty then.. I guess it’s kill your girlfriend day on RGM. Rafiqul Haque, a doctor in Kolkata, India, recently asked 30-year-old Chayanika Kumari, his girlfriend of three years to marry him. Chayanika declined his proposal, but Dr. Haque was not giving up. So, on November 2nd, the man rented a fancy hotel room in Jamshedpur, and made up his mind that he would propose to Chayanika one more time and if she said no again.. he would kill her. And that’s exactly what happened. He called Chayanika and asked her to come stay with him at the hotel. When she arrived he asked her to marry him.. and once again the woman declined. Haque lost his shit after hearing no for the second time and strangled the woman to death in the hotel room. He then stuffed her dead body into a suitcase and dumped it near Tata Nagar railway station. She was found soon after.

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21 thoughts on “Indian Doctor Strangles His Girlfriend And Stuffs Her In Suitcase

  1. You have to assume that a guy with a last name “Haque” isn’t gonna be ok with a second declined proposal. She should’ve seen that one coming.

    I would think once you’re turned down the first time, it’s time to move on.

  2. This murder is similar to one that occurred last year in Toronto. In this case, the Indian doctor killed his wife when she told him she was leaving him. He then killed her and stuffed the body in a suitcase. This case was worse in that 2 children lost their mom (dead) and dad (jail). Many also suffered because he was a prominent neurosurgeon.

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