Severely Deformed Newborn Barely Clinging to Life

Don’t have any info on this sad case of a newborn who was brought into this world only to gasp and die in a horribly disfigured body. I don’t know exactly what the birth defect is, although it appears that it may in fact be several. Anencephaly and cyclopia to speculate on the more obvious abnormalities present.

However, I am no scientician, all I can say is I hope it tastes better than it looks. Thanks, Pinky!

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33 thoughts on “Severely Deformed Newborn Barely Clinging to Life

    • Yeah I thought that thing on it’s head was a penis for a second.. but my money’s on aliens. Those sneaky little fuckers always abducting people and this must be what comes out after the probing. Little bastards.

    • Too many countries don’t have the equipment, even an ultrasound device, to diagnose this early enough for an abortion. Or this could have been a baby girl whose parents are so poor that they couldn’t afford the test. Since the people handling her weren’t even wearing gloves, I am going to guess the baby was delivered at some outlying clinic in a very poor area and the staff is just waiting for her to die. The large flap of skin on the back of her head is generally indicative of a vaginal birth causing the rupture of her brain lining as the bones in her head did not form. The horn may be what should have eventually became her nose that, again from a lack of a skull, never had the opportunity to drift down as she grew in the uterus. Poor little thing.

        • You have a great point. That’s exactly why I don’t support any campaign that wants “only $19.00 a month” to help feed a child. Now if there were a program for the same price to sterilize men (cheaper and easier than to sterilize a woman) I’d be all over that shit. Why do they keep popping out babies when they know darn well they can’t afford to feed them, let alone worry about medical conditions that they can’t pay for!

          • @countrygal1958 While I’m sure many wonderful people would gladly reach into their pockets to help fund the sterilization of poor black people, at birth no doubt, that pesky clash between eugenics and human rights keeps popping up. Food Aid is the reason they keep popping out babies they can’t afford to feed and the camps that spring up where aid is distributed is why they live in such squalid conditions, otherwise they would just be the noble tribes and nomads you saw in National Pornographic when you were a child. As for the video above I have no idea what the situation was there but I assume they probably brought her home to be with them before she died. I would keep in mind that medical knowledge and expertise has been exactly shit for everyone who ever lived until relatively very recently.

        • I don’t understand why Indians continue to procreate. That place is dirty, disgusting and unsanitary AF and a majority of their newborns are deformed because of this. When the thing is old enough to think for itself, it’ll be quick to realize what a shithole they’re living in and jump in front of a train. India and Indians contribute nothing to the world except ugly people. It’s one of the most populous countries and yet, you will not be able to find a single good-looking person from that shithole. They need to stop voluntarily bringing innocent babies into this world knowing it’s going to look like shit, eat like shit and live like shit.

  1. I don’t know how a parent deals with something like that. Not just the sorrow for that miserable life but how would you feel about yourself for creating that?

    • How awful, that was tough to watch. It’s like what do you do now and I heard the Doc speaking punjabi so that little girl was screwed from the start. πŸ™

    • Ffs, can’t someone at least cover the baby, hold his/her and whisper, “I love you” in his/her ear? At least make the baby’s short time on this hellhole a little better…sad, just really, really fuckin’ sad..sigh…..

  2. I think we sometimes rush to judge poor people in poor countries. Don’t forget your great grandmothers cranked out eight to twelve children each on the Great Plains and fields because statistically many died anyway. In the end,having children and the act of fucking is the only joy many of our progenitors had until only relatively recently.

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