Cyst Removed From Eye

Cyst Removed From Eye

Happy Monday guys! Seeing eyeballs worked on is the most cringe-worthy thing on the internet in my opinion. Maybe because they’re so sensitive and incredibly important so I don’t like watching people mess with them but sometimes there’s no choice. Like our friend today who had a cyst inside of their eye. The docs made a very small incision and used tweezers to pull out the yellowy goop. I wish we could’ve seen it all taken out in one piece instead of being cut up but it looks like it was a good amount in there. I’m sure the patient will be feeling a lot better when they wake up. The part that bothered me the most was seeing the eye just staring and it didn’t look like anyone was putting drops in but maybe they just didn’t show that. So gross.

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    • @louis That’s a common misconception but the truth is you don’t have to do it on your face at all. Plus it actually helps shrink the pores and if left to dry makes for a handy exfoliating mask.

  1. I had an red spot removed from my eyeball when I was a teenager. Was counscious during the whole procedure and could see from the corner of my eye the scalpel moving and could feel the tugging on my eyeball. Ended with the spot gone and four stitches in my eyeball. They dissolved over the next week and that quite literally sucked. Not a recommended activity.

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