Street Justice Served to Bike Thief

Instant street justice dished out on a would-be bike thief. Woman is getting on her bike when she is approached by a man who casually takes the bike from her. She’s clearly scared and doesn’t put up any kind of fight but before the robber takes off, she convinces him to let her retrieve her bag from the storage compartment under the seat.

This proves to be the bike thief’s undoing as four men have seen the robbery taking place and his dawdling has given them time to rally together and arm themselves with pipes. They rush over and beat the robber pretty severely. Don’t know if they killed him but he definitely learned a lesson.

Thanks, Pinky!

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9 thoughts on “Street Justice Served to Bike Thief

  1. That’s my kind of neighborhood watch! Much of that could have been avoided however, if the girl slammed the thief in the back of his head repeatedly with her helmet when he had his back to her, but that’s just me thinking out loud. Keys in the eyes are a great deterrent, too. I’m just sayin’ that the White Knight Brigade doesn’t always show up. 😆

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