Retro Gore: Knife in Vag

Photo set here is circa 2010 so I’ve included it in our Retro Gore series, but I’m sure there are some of you out there who haven’t seen these.

Woman in question worked at a golf course with her husband of two years. Her hubby caught her cheating on him with another woman and so he did what any rational person would have done; stuffed her mouth and throat with golf balls, shoved a ball point pen under her chin and punctured her face, torso and thighs with golf tees. He also cut her nipples off and shoved a golf ball and a knife into her vajayjay. Don’t believe Cannibal Corpse ever used golf for inspiration for their songs so he gets points for originality.

And as a bonus, she had turned a tasty shade of decomposition by the time her body was discovered. I can only hope that most of those atrocities were committed after she was already dead.

Thanks, @mrspink!

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20 thoughts on “Retro Gore: Knife in Vag

  1. You know there’s nothing wrong with playing a round in that particular type of threesome. One merely has to move up to the ladies’ tees and blast away at the holes with one’s stiff shaft. I know I prefer the extra help keeping my balls clean. How about you?

  2. Just because she cheated on him with another woman? I imagine it would’ve been a whole lot worse if it was a guy who she was caught cheating with.

    He probably would’ve used parts of the other guy instead of the golf balls and tees.

    I already know what a couple of you would be thinking, especially you @.. oh never mind…

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