Russian Teenager Kills Teacher And Posts Pictures On Social Media Then Kills Himself

Earlier today, an 18-year-old college student named Andrey Emelyanenkov, from Moscow, Russia, got into an argument with his Basic Safety teacher, Sergey Danilov. After the argument, Andrey waited for a break in-between classes when no students were present and then confronted his teacher. The teenager flipped out and stabbed the man several times until he was dead. Andrey then took pictures of the dead man’s body lying in a pool of blood along with him smiling and posted the pictures to his VK social media account. Moments later he committed suicide by taking an electric saw that was used in class and sliced his throat.

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30 thoughts on “Russian Teenager Kills Teacher And Posts Pictures On Social Media Then Kills Himself

    • @existentialbear We don’t know what led up to this. I’m thinking he has enough extra credit to skate through the semester with a C average. I don’t think a bad student does something like this, no my friend, this has unrequited love written all over it.

  1. The only thing I see kinda strange here is that he felt the need to take off his shirt before killing himself.
    Russians are always fighting, so maybe it’s just a habit to take that shirt off when any shit is about to go down.

    • I have a theory. He stabs Mr. D then gets a saw to cut up the body. While taking pictures he swallows his toothpick. In a fit of panic he decides to use the saw to get the toothpick out. Remembering what Mr Danilov taught him about not getting loose clothing near spinning cutters he removes his shirt. The thing that seems most strange to me is the blood pattern. It doesn’t look like he stumbled around even a little bit, just cut himself and fell over.

      • Maybe he didn’t really kill himself! Maybe the teacher’s favorite student Vladimir came in and saw what the killer did, then gets in a fight with him, that would explain no shirt, the killer gets knocked out, and so then Vlad finishes him off with the chainsaw for killing his favorite teacher 🙁 .
        It’s a long shot, but you never know anymore.
        Hey but I’ll bet you $650 that he had at least one student named Vladimir in that classroom.

        • Very good but you forgot one thing, detective. Where is the toothpick?
          No, only Vadim and Masha. Vladimir takes Advanced Safety in the Komorov Learning Annex. Maybe I bet you 37,804 ruble that you went to school with Ronald Bush

    • Nah @re-pete , i mean look at that fine physique (no homo). I’m sure he worked hard for it. Why not show it off one last time? Plus maybe it was his favorite shirt that he wanted to get buried in so he took it off so as not to get it all bloody. But he did forget to take off that bitchin’ do rag….. damn. ?

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