Russian Father Goes After 9-Year-Olds For Bullying His Son

The man in the video doing the hitting is from Krasnodar, Russia, and is 34-years-old. He is shown walking over to a group of 9-year-old boys who had been bullying his son for quite a while causing him to become too depressed to even attend school. The boy and his father went to the playground and while there.. kids from the little boy’s school were there and began to pick on him and throw food at him. The dad witnessed this and walked over to the group of boys and slaps one of the boys in the face with an open hand and throws him to the ground. He then slaps another boy sitting on a bench. The little asshole kid lays on the ground while the father of the bullied boy screams at all of the children for bullying his son. I don’t condone hitting a child because he was bullying your son or for any reason, but you should have taught your kid how to fight so he could’ve knocked his little punk ass out himself or beat the boys’ parents for not teaching them to behave. So far no charges were filed against the man, but police are investigating the incident.

ALSO: I want to wish @Harumph a happy happy birthday and many many more with us!! Happy Halloween, guys!!??

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50 thoughts on “Russian Father Goes After 9-Year-Olds For Bullying His Son

  1. I don’t think the father used excessive violence on those whippersnappers but he really should have hit the kids’ fathers if he felt like hitting someone.

  2. You gotta love Russia!!
    It was wrong what he did, but if my kid was being bullied by bigger kids, my very first thought would be “I wanna kick that little fuckers ass ?” , but I’m almost 100% sure I wouldn’t though.

    Its safer to just get another kid his age to kick the shit out of that bully.

  3. Meh, I donโ€™t blame him for doing it. This also brings to mind one time in the 1st or 2nd grade where the mother of this kid I was bullying confronted me when I was walking home from school, she grabbed my arm and gave me this death stare as she said โ€œdonโ€™t ever touch my son againโ€ then walked off. Looking back at it, that kid was a pussy for getting his mother to do something about it but I canโ€™t really blame her for doing it either… I mean I was a bit of a dick.

    And happy birthday @harumph ? I think I still remember reading about your last birthday on here.. man this was one quick year.

  4. The dad should not have put his hands on someone else’s kid (unless they were actually pummeling his son haha), but I agree with @yournextexgirl, the dad should teach his child how to defend himself, HOWEVER…NO AMOUNT of self defense classes are gonna help you when you’ve got a GROUP of bullies fucking with you everyday (unless your dad is Chuck Fucking Norris). There’s no such thing as one on one anymore, especially amongst asshole bullies! THEY are the pussies here since they need their bully buddies to back him up against ONE feeble child. And chances are, their parents don’t give a shit ???

  5. When i was a kid i pretty much kept to myself so if some asshole jumped me for some stupid reason i had no problem standing up to him cuz i had a bit of a temper. Plus i was a pretty tall kid for my age but i was a twig lol, so if i couldn’t intimidate him i was probably gonna get my ass kicked ? (but not always ?) …. But that’s ok cuz I’m MUCH BETTER AT REVENGE HAHA…. in fact some times i “lost” on purpose just so i could justify doing some fucked up shit to them ???
    If you started shit with me, never leave your locker unlocked, never leave your back pack or jacket unattended, never leave your windows rolled down on your car, etc.
    My favorite thing was placing dead rodents in their lockers on Friday afternoons so they marinated over the weekend haha, or smash some dog shit in their text books in their lockers…wooowee, come Monday morning the entire hallway stank to high heavens! A close second was offering them laxative brownies but that didn’t always work, but when it DID, it was so worth it! Fat kids were more susceptible…. never trust a gurgling fart ???

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