Man Falls While Cutting Down Tree With Buddies

Dumbass of the week goes to this brilliant dude from Brazil. The man cutting down the tree obviously did not prepare for this or have a safety plan. He used a ladder for half of the way up.. then climbed the rest like a damn monkey. He had nothing to save him if he fell, and fall he did. As soon as the top portion of the tree is cut off.. the rest pops back like a boomerang and sends the man flying straight into the ground. You can see a little of the impact but not much. Whoever the camerman was.. they need to be fired immediately. How can you screw up a shot like that?!

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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19 thoughts on “Man Falls While Cutting Down Tree With Buddies

  1. I’m gonna guess this fuck wit died. Looked like from the shoddy camera work he landed on head,neck. But cmon man your cutting down top of tree with a dull hatchet?,least get a hacksaw. And why the fuck were they pulling on tree with rope? It caused the tree to sling shot recoil. Next time borrow a fuckin chainsaw from the cartel and cut whole tree from base. I’m pissed cuz this is so humanly stupid no unsafe,but pissed more it should have been much more entertaining if the camera captured everything.

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