Rubber Bullet Removed From Man’s Arm

Okay, thanks to @gorycory for knowing what the hell this was because I am a big dummy. The man in the video was shot by a 12 gauge rubber bullet in the upper arm and is having it removed. He was more than likely shot by police for some reason but I’m not positive. I didn’t think rubber bullets could do that much damage, so I went to my best friend Google and found this.. “Rubber bullets describe about 75 types of “less than lethal devices” that are designed to deliver a stinging blow that incapacitates but does not kill or penetrate flesh as do regular metal bullets. Uhm… I don’t believe that is accurate, Google.

Thanks to @MrsPink!!

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20 thoughts on “Rubber Bullet Removed From Man’s Arm

  1. That looks like a champagne bottle’s cork though… Better be careful when opening one… 😆

    But anyways, this is in Brazil, so who’s surprised that the cops had enough with all the shit that happens there and just “enhance” their “rubber bullets”? 😛

  2. Not exactly the most sterile operating table … not even a paper drape sheet ?
    I think it doubles as a lunch table in between surgeries. Looks like someone forgot their ketchup bottle, or maybe the surgeon was
    eating some french fries while he worked ?

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