Young Boy Jumps in a Hole Full of Water and Drowns

First things first. Let’s all just take a moment to appreciate that awesome title. I mean, that is just the epitome of creativity right there. Written by a true scholar and wordsmith…

Ugh… so anyway, little boy is at the local watering hole and jumps in. He briefly resurfaces but doesn’t stay up and he then obviously drowns. Never jump into wet holes you are unfamiliar with. ?

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24 thoughts on “Young Boy Jumps in a Hole Full of Water and Drowns

    • @deathoverdue Or maybe that rotting water smell was too much for him to handle, causing a short circuit in his brain, and then a crocodile finished him off.

      Let’s go with that one ??

      Actually you’re right, I take all that back, but something definitely happened to him right at the :27 mark.

    • So much for “swimming buddies” at all times. Some friends they turned out to be. Especially the one laughing when the kid was apparently having a hard time staying afloat. I won’t even get started on the whole “put the damned camera down and help your brother/cousin/friend get out of the fricking water”

  1. I’ll go with stagnant air as a contributing factor to high concentration of carbon dioxide in the hole. Enough for veg to survive, but not enough veg to produce required oxygen to sustain large aerobic organisms, such as this Darwin winner. Outgassing could also be a possibility, or the water was toxic. Call it the gene pool washing machine, guaranteed to take out societies stains.

  2. I don’t get this video, suicide pack ? that’s a normal thing for them to do? If the boy drowned then why jump in the water in the first place if he knew he couldn’t swim? And to top it all off nice friends you have there for helping, didn’t do dick to even save the boy, I don’t understand all the crazy shit they do in other countries

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