Lady Wins an Autopsy

Lady Wins an Autopsy

I believe this is in India where one lucky woman is getting an autopsy…because she died. Thought I should clarify since these days science is no longer science so the reason for autopsies may have changed 😆 I think the purpose of the video is a tutorial and nothing helps get you in the mood for cutting someone open like hearing annoying Indian music in the background. At one point the slice looks like a giant infected vagina and then he lifts her arm just to be completely sure she’s dead. It’s always important to periodically check that they’re no longer living. Then he really gets in there and starts slicing off some chunks for the meat market…I mean for science. No clue how she died but her body looks fine overall so your guess is as good as mine.

Thank you Mrs Pink Pink!

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  1. You perverts see vaginas in everything… you make me sick… hmmm actually if you put a blanket or some kind of sheet over her and cut a hole in it so you can see the vaguhhhh incision on her torso and then… NO! ?

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