Young Thai Girl Slits Her Wrists On Facebook Live Over Boyfriend

Okayyy, another Facebook Live video. Because it’s what’s in style right now. Around 1:30am on April 21st of this year in Pattaya, Thailand, a 32-year-old woman who looks 18(lucky bitch).. obviously thought she was ready to die when she turned Facebook Live on, grabbed a pair of scissors and slit her wrists. The girl talks to viewers but I don’t know what she is saying. All the info I have is that she had a fight with her boyfriend and he stormed out. That’s when the girl slit her wrist and got online. The boyfriend saw her broadcast and rushed home to find the girl bleeding and unconscious. Emergency medics rushed to to save the girl and got there just in time. Hopefully, she learned something from this experience. I don’t really understand someone wanting to kill themselves over a boyfriend/girlfriend but I do want to die when I realize I am three minutes too late for McDonald’s breakfast menu, so it’s kind of the same.

22 thoughts on “Young Thai Girl Slits Her Wrists On Facebook Live Over Boyfriend

  1. Yes I agree I don’t think she really wanted to commit suicide …had she really wanted to commit suicide …she would have done it quietly and kept out of the way and not told anybody… Therefore we must label her “attention Hound”… What a greedy bitch… Stealing the Limelight from those who really want to do themselves in

  2. I would have liked to see the video continue until she actually died. Props to her for good filming though. Bloody Emos, always crying, grow up.

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