Two Thais Dhai Brains Go Flai

Brutal death for two Thais here. They look like they were school students, too. Shame. Their little bike was no match for that big old truck and they were smashed and smeared. Brains left outside. Would have been cool to see it happen. Oh well, aftermath photos are pretty good.

Thanks, Pinky!

6 thoughts on “Two Thais Dhai Brains Go Flai

  1. At some point, you have to say to yourself in this situation:
    “Oh shit, big ass truck ahead, and its green, so let’s be careful now, especially since we weren’t smart enough to wear safety
    helmets” .

  2. Well, they look pretty comfy in that position together… As if they were familiar with being in each others arms, they died together, in their final embrace, like they would have wished from the moment they first met and gazed deeply into one anothers eyes.

  3. “Hey Maurice, I have an idea. Let’s dress up in our gayest of gay outfits, take a ride on your gay little motorscoot and maybe I can end up with your gay little handlebar between my legs…”
    Oh, I should mention that I think they were gay.

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