Family Of Four Resort To Self-Immolation Over Unfair Debts

On Monday, October 23rd, a family of four waited outside of where a public grievances meeting was supposed to be held in Tamil Nadu, India. Esakkimuthu, the husband and father of the family along with his wife, Subbulakshmi and their two daugters, 4-year-old Mathisaranya, and two-year-old Akshayabaraniya, were there to try to get help because the family was being harrassed by a money lender who was trying to charge double the amount that was owed. Esakkimuthu filed a complaint with the police but they did nothing. He did everything that he could possibly do to get help for his family and no one did anything. Esakkimuthu felt the only way to get anything done was to set himself, his wife and their two little girls on fire. The man doused himself in gasoline and then his wife and children and set fire to them all. If you have an issue with seeing children hurt or killed.. you might wanna stay away from this one. The wife and two little girls died from their injuries. The man is in the hospital with third degree burns and in serious condition.

31 thoughts on “Family Of Four Resort To Self-Immolation Over Unfair Debts

  1. I get making a statement that will stand out. But to burn my wife and kids too? Hell no. Horrible, this kinda shit breaks my heart. The same hands that we fathers use to care for and comfort our children should NEVER be used to intentionally cause pain. He should have kept them out of it. And the loanshark should be ashamed of himself. I know people in India, and they tell me that bribery is a way of life there. You cannot get a job or go to school or even get a business license without paying a bribe. And a steep one too. Totally corrupt country, even worse than the US.

    • I don’t think he’s making a statement, though. Not like other self-immolators (if thats even a word) who do so as a protest. I think this is more of them escaping away from all that debt because they are unable to pay and seeing dying as the only solution. I think that the man took his family along with him so they don’t have to endure poverty anymore.

      That’s just my take, though. People commit suicide-murders to get away from financial crisis.

        • Thank you @trainwreck and @littlefoot I do clear my device everyday as I think too many things open slows it down but it might just be because I use the site on my phone. But still some videos just don’t play for me…I’ve come to accept I’ll never see that guy pissing himself after he’s been stabbed, it’s just something I’ll have to live with ? but plenty more gore to fill the void! FYI I freaking love this site and all you lovely people on it, it’s Sooo nice to know that I’m not just some fucked up person who is really interested in death and the human body. YOU guys get me and I don’t feel out of place here, in fact I feel at home with you guys. I’m not sick or crazy I’m just interested and you know some of the greatest friendships you can make are with people who understand you and don’t judge. I am very happy I chose to join this site and I’m extremely excited about the friends I will be making. From being an English girl who move across to the states and is very anti social with deep depression there was nowhere for me to go but now i have beautiful people like @cherry3xo and @derkopfsammler and @littlefoot and @re-pete #
          @obli and @wallabeast I’m pretty fuckin happy and want more of you in my life……Rant/Love letter over x

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        • @cherith It’s good you feel that way because that’s what we were hoping for after this site was created….well I didn’t create it…but there is a story behind it…now that I was apart of. No one should have to feel like an outcast just for being curious or not fitting some mold that others require them to be made from. We are who we are and at least here no one here has to apologize for it. I guess I missed a lot during my absence because I didn’t recognize quite a few people when I came back. Kind of mind blown really

          As for the older videos they may or may not return….

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