Brazilian Man Gets Shot And Bleeds Like A Fountain

Not much info on this but maybe we can get a little bit of translation. If anyone can translate I will be your slave for a day.. or maybe like an hour. When the video starts the man is already badly beaten, but he talks to his killers. I am sure at this point he knew he was going to die. And he did a few seconds later. He is shot multiple times and left bleeding from his head like a water fountain. I am sure this was gang related somehow. Just another day in Brazil.

Thanks to @MrsPink!!

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10 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Gets Shot And Bleeds Like A Fountain

  1. Well, i dont really need slaves for anything, so i’ll have to decline your offer, but thanks anyways. 😆

    This is a CV (Comando Vermelho (Red Commando)) vs GDE (Guardiões do Estado (Guardians of the State)) gang related stuff.

    “…Im here ripping CV’s shirt to enter Guardiand of the state, GDE.” (i believe this is an expression they use when they are about to betray their faction or something, but im not sure)
    “Say the name of the… (he gets interrupted by another guy) – And go by what’s right! (?… I didnt understood this part well), …the name of your godfather’s of CV.”
    “The name of my godfather is “Cisão” (i think thats how you write it…) of CV”
    “Hes a bastard…”
    “My… (i really didnt undestood what he said here due to lot of noise) but you will be… (didnt understood either)”
    (At this point they were just talking to each other saying “are you gonna sleep there?”, and “…the godfather of Cisão…” , then they just start shooting at him.)
    “Its enough! Its enough! Its enough, i have little ammo…”
    (Too much noise to understand what they’re saying)
    “Can i shoot one?”
    (he tries to shoot but the gun is empty… 😆 FAIL!)
    “Its enough… its enough…”
    (Someone shoots and everybody freaks out)
    “Hey bro! What the hell was that for!?… wait…”
    (They just start all talking at the same time, untill one of them says “Turn off the video”)

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