Old School Lobotomy

Old School Lobotomy

Good day to you Gorriors! Today we’re taking a trip back in time to see the wonders of crazy treatments for mental illness. Remember shock therapy and lobotomies? Very inhumane and tortuous methods but frankly with some of the idiots I encounter on a daily basis I think we should give lobotomies a second chance. As we all know a lobotomy is a procedure where a sharp instrument is pushed through the eye socket into the frontal lobe of the brain to sever the nerves thus ‘treating’ the patient’s mental illness. Although it was popular for a short time the results seemed to be all over the place. Some were able to walk away and return to work or be more manageable in a hospital setting while many others were severely brain damaged, died during the operation or committed suicide later on. It wasn’t much of a success obviously. I won’t go into detail as the video is narrated but a woman comes in for a lobotomy and we get to see up close and personal a real life procedure.

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22 thoughts on “Old School Lobotomy

  1. This is so fucking awesome… I allways wondered how did they do it back then. If they brought this back, the technology we have today would’ve helped alot though. 😀 But they crack the skull in both eyes orbits… wouldnt that just make them leak their brains through those holes? 😆

  2. That was so very interesting. Instead of simply jamming a sharp object into your skull to ‘fix your mental illness’, now in the present days we just pay thousands of dollars to “doctors” who in turn give us pills for our illnesses. Sure have come a long way. Lol, humans are so stupid. The dumbest animals on the planet. Every other species can survive without the need for the things we ‘must have to live’. I say that because we thrive on frivolous things…

    • PATIENT: “Hello, lobotomy place? Yes, I’d like to make an appointment….. Do y’all have any good deals going on right now?”

      RECEPTIONIST: “Yes, we do! For a limited time you can get this special combo right now! If you let us shock the fuck out of you, we’ll stab and scrape your brain for half the price!”

  3. It’s like a back scratcher for the brain!
    Ever get that annoying frontal lobe itch that you wish you could scratch but you just can’t reach it? Well, look no further!
    The “LOBOTOMIZER 6500”!!!

    **DISCLAIMER: device does NOT actually scratch the itch… as much as it kinda makes you completely unaware of your very own existence.

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