Woman Kicks The Shit Out Of Child In Public

This is a super short video and you can’t see too much but you can see enough to know what this stupid bitch is doing. I am assuming the woman that’s kicking the baby is the child’s mother but it could be a nanny or other relative. No idea what country but it’s obviously Asian and obviously they are in a public place. What would you guys do if you saw this happening? Film it? Mind your own business? Or slap the taste out of that bitch’s mouth?

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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20 thoughts on “Woman Kicks The Shit Out Of Child In Public

  1. It depends on how I’m feeling at the time and also depends on the surroundings, like if any other family members or security step in or not.
    Here, I’d probably start kicking her real hard in the legs and ask how she likes it.
    The guy too if he tries anything.
    That little dude will be feeling that for a week, especially when ever he sits!

  2. I’d have to step in and do something about that shit. It amazes me how so many people just watch in places like Asia. People will literally stand there and offer no assistance when a child is run over. Drivers will often times simply drive off, or even run over the victim repeatedly. Now, I read that one reason is the law in places like China. Which (for whatever reason) imposes harsher financial and prison related penalties if the person survives than if the person dies. But what about the human aspect? Is it cultural, financial, or just that people don’t care. When you live in such a busy and crowded country, is life seen to hold that little value? I don’t get it. And if this person was babysitting my kid, she would just have to die. This kind of stuff is the hardest for me to watch, most times I just can’t see it.

  3. Sometimes I envision myself doing the exact same thing this lady’s doing to people’s little delinquent bastard kids when I see them acting the same way in public. If people were real parents, they would discipline their offspring & kids wouldn’t be acting like they don’t have any fucking sense.

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