Death Photos Of Chicago Teen Kenneka Jenkins

If you’re not familiar with the Kenneka Jenkins case, I mentioned her a few weeks ago in another post. Kenneka Jenkins was a 19-year-old girl who was found dead in a walk-in freezer at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Rosemont, a village in Chicago, IL, 21 hours after she went missing from a party that she attended on the 9th floor of the same hotel. Yesterday, October 20th, Rosemont police announced that they closed the case of her death.. ruling it accidental and then releasing photos of the body of Kenneka and where she was found. There were a lot of questions surrounding her death to begin with, the photos only raised more.

Kenneka was found wearing the same clothes she had on the previous night at the party except her breasts were exposed and her shoe was laying several feet away from her body. Scientists have related this to something called “paradoxical undressing”, which is when people who are deeply hypothermic remove their clothes. Kenneka also had dirt all over her clothes and a cut on her foot. Police have no answer as to how she got this, but they continue to claim that they found no foul play and it was simply a “sad accident”. The police also released information that the room where the party Kenneka attended took place was rented with a fraudulent credit card and that the two people who rented the room were connected to a gang on the West Side of Chicago. Whether Kenneka’s death was accidental or foul play was involved, I don’t think the cops have any desire to delve any deeper.

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15 thoughts on “Death Photos Of Chicago Teen Kenneka Jenkins

  1. So none of the cooks or staff had to go into the walk-in fridge/freezer for almost a whole day?
    Seems very strange to me.
    You gotta find a hard object and start banging on that metal door for as long as you can, someone is bound to hear that sharp knocking sound. If no foul play is involved of course!

  2. So no OD,or choked,blunt force to head, heart condition,stabbed? Just walked in a freezer and went to sleep? Idk, sounds like something’s overlooked. She had an injury on foot and tit was out, like she was in some struggle….and found face down in corner on littered floor. + of all nights to wear ripped jeans, no shirt/JUST a bra,and lil jean jacket and you get locked in a freezer?!
    and like RePete mentioned, no employees saw her ?….I feel like some gang nigger she was hanging with locked her in there.

    • @ghoulishfiend
      Sounds plausible. However,if she did walk in drug affected of her own volition and just passed out ,she would not be in a foetal position.

      My money is on murder. The cops are naturally lazy and reason they wont investigate is that she is black and they already made up their minds that she was gangsta and she probably deserved it anyway.

      It is a shitty world we live in with thankfully enough happiness thrown in to prevent it being called a nightmare!

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