Man Randomly Stabbed In The Back Of The Neck In India

On September 14th, in Anantapur, India, a 43-year-old man named Venkata Ram Prasad was on his way home from work on his bicycle when someone on a moped came up behind him and stabbed him in the nape of his neck then sped away. When police arrived.. Venkata was bleeding heavily with the knife still lodged in the back of his neck and his left hand was paralyzed. He was brought to a major hospital in Hebbal, India, where doctors took a CT scan showing that the knife had pierced his spinal cord. Doctors worked for hours to remove the knife without causing any more damage and were successful. Venkata is recovering and is already back at work. No arrests have been made yet.

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9 thoughts on “Man Randomly Stabbed In The Back Of The Neck In India

  1. He’s not gonna wanna hear anyone’s lame ass excuses on why they didn’t show up to work, or why they don’t feel like working that day! He’ll let them know about it for sure!

  2. The knife wound was probably less injurious to the man than was the way the local people tend to manhandle the injured at accident scenes in third world countries. I can picture a good samaritan grabbing this man by one arm and tossing him up and over a shoulder and doing a fireman carry of this man to a good hospital which was probably a long distance away. The guys head bouncing off the samaritans back as he ran.

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