Freshly Skinned Head

Hello, boys and gorls. What I present here is the end result of the man who’s decapitated head was being played with in this post from a couple of days ago.

They gang members who killed him ended up skinning the head and turned it into their own gruesome little Halloween decoration. Maybe we’ll see it on someone’s front lawn in a future post.

Thanks Pinky!

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16 thoughts on “Freshly Skinned Head

  1. Good gravy! They were definitely practicing carving a pumpkin on this guy…

    Speaking of carving pumpkins….my kid decided he was going to ruin his pumpkin ……he says it looks fine. Sigh……oh well it’s all for him anyway

    BTW what’s up with the finger bombing? Like what was this guy expecting “Oh look those are Pepe’s fingers!”

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