Man Gets Packing Gauze Removed

Man Has Packing Gauze Removed

Happy Monday everybody! Today we have a man performing a magic trick although instead of a scarf it’s a long piece of pus and blood soaked gauze. This is called packing gauze which is used for very deep wounds such as an abscess and soaks up any drainage to help the inner part of the wound heal. The more the wound heals, the less gauze is put inside. As seen in this video, pulling the mile long piece out is a slow and particularly painful process. The guy isn’t too happy and frankly I don’t blame him. I’m not sure exactly what his wound was but from how much was in there he probably has a few of these sessions in his future.

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23 thoughts on “Man Gets Packing Gauze Removed

  1. What a big baby ?
    Just kidding ?
    Is that his upper inner thigh area? ?
    They shoulda shoved a piece of coal up his ass! He coulda popped out a diamond after all that butt clenching! ?
    And they coulda at least tickled his balls to distract him from all the pain?

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