Indonesian Goalkeeper Choirul Huda Dies From Collision With Another Player

38-year-old soccer/football player and goalkeeper, Choirul Huda, died from injuries he received during a game on Sunday, October 15th in Indonesia when he collided with another player. Huda was a very well known Indonesian soccer legend and captain of his Persula Lamongan team. After colliding with his teammate, Ramon Rodrigues, Huda was clearly in distress and collapsed on the pitch. Medics gave him breathing assistance until he was rushed to Soegiri Hospital in East Java where he was pronounced dead soon after arrival. In the third video.. medical staff are shown trying to resuscitate him but could not save him. Doctors said Huda had head, neck and lower jaw injuries, but cause of death was impact to his chest which caused him go into cardiac arrest. The collision between the two players doesn’t look all that bad but it only takes one lucky hit to take you out. At least he died doing what he loved, right?

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13 thoughts on “Indonesian Goalkeeper Choirul Huda Dies From Collision With Another Player

      • Yeah i was thinking the same thing Pete. In fact it got me thinking, can charges be brought up against someone who causes another person’s death in a sporting event? What if they were breaking the rules of the sport and that caused another player to die? ?@re-pete

        • @gorycory He was just an aggressive goalie going after the ball, which is part of the reason why he was so good, and don’t give the opposition a chance to wind up and kick, but sadly his own guy couldn’t jump over him in time. Happened to fast!

  1. Huda man? Well, Huda was the man, til he got dead.
    That’s crazy, fuck all contact there. I’m guessing that it’s a case of SADS. He might have had a bad heart and never knew.

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