Tag That Image! #40

Happy Friday the 13th! Tag that image if you can and check out last week’s winner here!.


If you can’t feed it, just eat it ?


“I want my baby back, baby back, baby back ribs!!” ?

I like mine rare. By rare I mean just wipe its nasty ass and put it on the plate! Pass the sauce!

Revenue at The Mütter Museum exploded once they began offering Sunday Brunch.

Tough call…. noodles or rice for a side dish?
@louis (leukorrhea)

kentucky fried child……..

Hi, Mr. Lee? Rakasan daycare. We were wondering why you dropped off a roast chicken this morning and if your child will be back tomorrow.

48 thoughts on “Tag That Image! #40

  1. Waitt don’t bait yet ….you forgot to put some condiments like horse shit and rat balls and on top some crocodile sperm to look like cake with whipped cream ..?Buon appetite !

  2. Wang finally found a great way to make money from the abundance of abandoned newborns in his home town… Wang’s all you can eat newborn buffet!!! With the whole baby special… if you can finish it in one go you eat for free!

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