Skanky Prostitute VS Hillbilly Family

Since it’s FriYAY.. here’s something to make you realize that your life ain’t so bad after all because you could be fighting in a parking lot with a hooker and a family of meth-heads. I don’t have a clue what these people are bitching about but the girl with the big mouth turns a little spat into a physical altercation when she charges what looks to be the mom of the family that she is arguing back and forth with and knocks her down. Chaos ensues. She hits and even stomps the woman’s head while a kid (her son I guess?) tries to get the girl off of his mother. I am on the side of whoever said, “Your mama’s a whore.” though. The guy videoing the entire thing gives Destiny 2 several plugs and is annoyed they interrupted his game. But how often do you get to see a bitch fest right outside your apartment? Oh and it is Friday the 13th. Nobody die today or anything.

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26 thoughts on “Skanky Prostitute VS Hillbilly Family

  1. Oh man …deeaammmm! somebody kill that bitch ….shoot her in the mouth !
    Today girls fight like mans …The world it’s changed! waiiittt! when? yesterday i was going with a flower to a girl to proof my love now i can get a punch for that… deeaaammmm!!!

  2. I’m sure glad we weren’t forced to see more boobage like in your first Russian girl vid @yournextexgirl. Some of us have girlfriends and it can get a little awkward you know! Dammit Nextie, you tryna get me in deep doo doo with my precious littlefoot? ?
    But we got close tho! I just know that girl’s titties popped out at some point! The one in the blue skirt and white top! You could see her adjusting the ol’ girls as she comes into view. Not for ME @littlefoot, but for all our other fellow booby lovin’ RGM members ?
    But at least that kid got a hand full of breasteses while fighting off that ho???
    But I’m sure his hands just slipped?
    Right Petey @re-pete

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