Multiple Children Killed In Kitchen Fire In India

Three children were burned to death when a kitchen fire started in a family home in India. The fire was lit for cooking when for an unknown reason the fire spread out of control and swept throughout the house. The mothers of the children tried to save them but could not reach the kids because the fire spread too quickly. Apparently, the children were playing in the kitchen, so it’s not known if the kids caused the fire to spread or if something else caused it.

27 thoughts on “Multiple Children Killed In Kitchen Fire In India

  1. How utterly heartbreaking! ??
    Those poor mothers wailing as you hear their hearts breaking. ??
    There’s always that one person who thinks, “Well this an awful situation, how can I help? I know I’ll get my camera out and film everyone.”
    It pisses me off that some people think it’s ok to film these kind of situations with no respect to those families, or those poor little souls who lost their lives. And stick the videos online, instead of helping out in their community. R.I.P little ones ?

  2. Why in the fuck were these littles left alone in a kitchen to play, especially when there was a fire lit? Seriously? I know everyone else thinks this is sad, but had those wailing banshees had an oz of smartness within them, they wouldn’t have left little children unattended,with fucking fire, come on folks!! I am a mom too, but this was fucking preventable..common fucking sense. Could you imagine the other shit these nitwits allowed their precious little ones to do? Ugh! I am with obli on this one, no pitty! In fact, I hope that those kids rest in paradise, while their idiot mothers suffer this horrible pain, that I am all too familiar with myself! Great post though nextie, thanks! ♡

  3. It looks like one of those portable propane stoves sitting on the floor. Maybe it fell off that counter ave ignited right on the kids.
    I feel worse for that little sibling at the :55 second mark. Traumatized for life now.

  4. Yes, yes. Boo fucking hoo. Poor little mommies & their crispy critters. Awwwwe.
    It’s just soooo god damn sad. My black heart is breaking & I think I’m going to cry too. Whaaa, whaaa, whaaa! ???
    I hope these fucking neglectful cunts are beaten by their husbands everyday & constantly feel their anguish & guilt for the rest of their pathetic lives. Suffer bitches!!!

  5. I have no problem with it being filmed. They couldnt be saved. There is nothing that shouldn’t be filmed. Gore sites are the places to go to see the things that most people don’t want to see. Complaining about it seems strange to me. If you are on a gore site you will see gruesome things. Thats what we are fucking here for.

      • Every time we click on one of these videos we run the risk of seeing someone important to us, we all hope it would be one where something wonderful is being excavated from their asshole but hoping won’t make it so.

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