Dash Cam Catches A Car Crash And Then…

Well.. I was not prepared for that. I have been wanting to get a dash cam for the longest time, but then I realized where the hell do I ever go besides Taco Bell and the gym? Not really, I don’t go to no gym. Anywho, I am not sure where this is but a driver caught an accident not too far ahead of him on his dash cam when a motorcyle hit head-on with a car. Just when you think you saw all there was to see in the video… boom!

Thankssss to @MrsPink!

9 thoughts on “Dash Cam Catches A Car Crash And Then…

    • Nah, the motorcycle riders definitely caused both wrecks. They were too stupid to keep their shitty bikes on THEIR side of the road.
      I guess now the roads need to be widened to accommodate bikes & to keep car drivers safe from moronic motorcyclists like these retards.

  1. Dash cam videos like this freak me out. It feels like I’m the one driving and someone is crashing into me. At least these people were only hit by a motorcycle. I still remember that video where a car was driving along and a car came out of nowhere and crashed into them killing the guy instantly. Scary as hell.

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