Brazilian Man Live Streams His Suicide By Hanging

Another Brazilian suicide. Last time by jumping off a bridge(update), this time a hanging. The man in the video is live streaming himself to viewers as he puts some kind of cord around his neck and then lets himself hang. Hangings always weird me out more when the person’s feet are on the floor, knowing they can easily change their mind, unlike kicking a chair out from under them and being left to hang in the air. I don’t have any info on what caused the man to commit suicide or why he chose to live stream it, but I am betting it was over a woman. ‘Cause bitches are evil.

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20 thoughts on “Brazilian Man Live Streams His Suicide By Hanging

    • When one hurts,whether tiz physical or mentally, they’ll do anything to escape it! I saw your thing under your name, I too know how you feel. The any day thing sucks,depending on how sick you are,wishing death upon yourself daily sucks as me, I know… I am sorry that you have to go through this as well…Much love and strength to you my new friend.. @dubosejaymz

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