Woman Stuck In Apartment Burns To Death

Sorry for the lack of posts, guys. It was my birthday weekend, so I took a break from the internet. Anywho, a woman in China got stuck in her apartment building after a fire broke out. Due to security bars on the windows she had no way to escape. You can hear the woman screaming until the fire finally reaches her and she looks like she may have passed out from smoke inhalation. Hopefully she did before the fire touched her. What a shitty way to die.

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32 thoughts on “Woman Stuck In Apartment Burns To Death

  1. I guess panic set in! She’s was probably 3-5 seconds away from the front door.
    You won’t die from running through flames or partial flames in that span.
    Go for the front door if you think you’re gonna die anyway.
    I’m just thinking out loud!

      • @gorycory True, it’s just sad that their were bars there. She’d probably die from the fall anyway because she was pretty high up.

        A lot of people don’t know that walls are just drywall that you can bust a hole through pretty easily, once the hole is made, just stick your hand through and pull the drywall towards you, breaking off a big section, then kick the drywall out on the other side of the wall right off the studs.
        Those studs are only about 16″ apart, you should fit through unless….
        Walls are a joke, made so cheap these days. I hope this helps somebody out there one day.

  2. Wow, she went through allot of agony. So sad and terrifying for anyone to go through. You could see that people were throwing water on her but it was not nearly enough to help. The fire was probably so hot that the flames didn’t even need to touch her to burn her flesh. If ever caught in a fire, the best way to go is to suffocate and pass out before the flames hit. And if that isn’t an option to inhale the flames as fast as possible so as to accomplish nearly the same thing. To be able to breathe good air while your extremities roast is the worst way to go as you are able to keep alive and conscious, while in total agony. Even a cigarette burn hurts like hell. Imagine flames engulfing your entire body, horrific to say the least.

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  4. My Chinese might be a little rusty, but i think the neighbors were yelling, “Shut up screaming lady! We’re tryin’ to watch Seinfeld over here!”….. or something like that ?

  5. Wow !! I didn’t expect the screaming… What a horrible shitty way to die… You know something?? One often hopes that only bad people die like that… I’m not saying I believe in the Holy intervention or anything… But I hope she was a horrible evil bitch who deserve to burn… Something like that should never happen to good people… Why would they have bars on the windows so high up????

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