Photo of Las Vegas Shooter Dead In Hotel Room

A photo of the Las Vegas shooter, Stephen Paddock, was leaked online this morning. Paddock committed suicide before cops reached him. Police have not confirmed this is 100% a picture of the shooter, but this is the same flooring in the pictures released by police of the man’s weapons. It could just be some fancy photoshop though.

24 thoughts on “Photo of Las Vegas Shooter Dead In Hotel Room

  1. That floor looks very ugly. These assholes are making it to where you’re afraid to go places. I heard something about a gambling debt and many people commit suicide because of it but if that’s the case the fucker should’ve just killed himself and left those innocent people alone.

  2. Oh good, you have the picture, I was just going to ask if you guys got it..I hope that you guys don’t believe that, that is the actual shooter..That is the scapegoat..My roommate and I were listening to the actual police scanner, while the shooting was occurring. Numerous times it was mentioned by cops, that suspect number one, or suspect number 4,sight had been lost..they mentioned that there was multiple suspects who were changing appearance to blend in with the crowd..Not just that, look at that picture, where’s the gsr, the brain matter, or even the fresh blood? Seeing how it JUST happened, ummm..yeeeeeah..I mean come on folks, he had TWO windows, WAY apart from each other, and ALL these different high caliber weapons? Yet look at that picture of him,does that look to any of you like a self inflicted gun shot wound, from a high caliber weapon?? Does it? Yeah I didn’t think so either! Great post nextie! ♡

        • Oh I wasn’t trying to sound condescending to you, my dear. Spread away! Lolol.

          Just don’t watch tv anymore… mine is broken anyway lol. Have no idea what’s “trending” now. Aside from last week when everyone at work was talking about Hugh Hefner as if I was supposed to feel something about it. Old Richie never gave me a dime… he can stay the fuck dead! Lolol

          • Lolz, forreal though! I know that you weren’t condescending friend…I also do not do the news thing. Tiz nada but lies, smoke, and mirrors anyways! ♡

      • @re-pete Tbvh with you, other than here, I don’t watch, or listen to the news anymore. Tiz all either based off lies, or tiz just too sad to even really want to see, or know of. However, my roommate on the other hand, she’s all over the shit, and she’ll let me know if there’s anything of interest in it for me. That night of the shooting, she got my pregnant ass outta bed to fall witness, to the event.. I know what we heard that night, and it is TOTALLY different than what the news is reporting..Too bad we didn’t record it is what I keep telling her!.. If someone who personally knows the shooter is laughing off the accusations, then I am more inclined to believe them, over some propaganda filled news channel..ijs.. I hope that all is well with you too my friend! ♡

          • Mass shootings committed by white men or pressure cooker bombs by Muslim fanatics, it’s all a show designed to scare us. To keep us inside. Possibly preparing us for martial law or some shit. The ones who go out and play in the open are cattle to them and used as a warning to the rest of us.

            They won’t drop the bomb. Not on their soil. That would make shit too real for them. That would affect THEIR lives. THEIR children. THEIR loved ones. They want to watch the world burn, yes, but only as long as they can continue sitting in the safety of their gated communities, continuing to live their happy, stupid little lives.

          • I totally agree with you guys! Tiz all part of the sheeples stupidity…let them brainwash each other, I will just keep lurking in the shadows..♡

  3. I still haven’t heard about this guy’s motives for what happened, or even if this is the guy, or whatever other ideas might suggest. But I do know that whoever’s responsible for the massacre is an asshole and makes me very sad. /: I live in Las Vegas, and my dad works on The Strip, right next door to the Mandalay Bay. Thankfully he wasn’t at work at the time of the shooting, but holy balls, did it bother me. I’d been waiting for an attack here for years; this is a major city and people gather here. I just couldn’t believe it happened so damn close to me. If anyone knows more about this guy or what happened, could you let me know what you think? I’ve been reading about it but idk what real people think about what happened. Any theories? I’ve heard a lot of ideas. I’m pissed at the responsible party. Disheartened af.

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