Brazilian Guy Is Snapchat’s First Suicide

Well, we have a first. The first Snapchat suicide. On September 30th, a 30-year-old Brazilian man named Bruno Monteiro posted a video of himself in a car cursing his wife as the car is driving on top of Rio-Niterói Bridge. The next video he posted was of him standing on top of a ledge on the bridge. Maybe @derkopfsammler can translate for us a little of what the man is saying. After Bruno posted the videos.. he jumped from the bridge as a passing car filmed him. Two people on a motorcycle tried to stop him but were too late.

UPDATE: Bruno Monteiro’s body was found and I have added pictures of him after he was pulled from the water.

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19 thoughts on “Brazilian Guy Is Snapchat’s First Suicide

  1. While in the car: “…But everything is fine. I assure you that no one is gonna catch me… You better be fast because im faster than an arrow!”

    While standing on the bridge: (I didnt understood the first words he said) “Look where i am, you whore! Go get fucked in the ass, you son (or “daughter” since it was directed to a female) of a whore, you were supposed to be on my side, you shit! Go fuck yourself, you piranha! You’re fucked, and now you’re gonna suffer!”

    Yeah i dont think she will suffer that much, more like a relief though… 😆

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