Woman Has Leg Wound Stapled

Woman Has Leg Wound Stapled

Another Monday is upon us and today’s video features a woman getting her leg wound fixed up. This happened while riding dirt bikes and the lady has a big gaping cut that the doctor staples back together. He had put a few stitches underneath before tackling the outer layer of flesh. The staples and stapler don’t look much different than the ones used for paper but as he reaches the end of the wound he snips away a little bit of fat sticking out before closing that section up. I have to say the woman really annoyed me…I don’t know if it was her nonstop talking or trying to tell the doc what to do but I muted it after a while. That wound is gonna leave a nasty scar but she seems like the type who will treat it as a badge of honor.

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    • Some of this information was taken from woundcarecenters.org. The rest is from personal experience.

      Stitching with sutures or staples are equal cosmetically, @gorycory. The choice of materials and technique used depends on the physician who performs the procedure. Generally, staples tend to allow for rapid skin closure with minimal wound inflammation, are easier to remove than stitches and because of this may result in less scarring. However, there are some suture compositions that dissolve over time, making them easier to remove than staples because one doesn’t remove them at all. I’ve had all three, staples, and both dissolving and non-dissolving sutures and couldn’t care less which was used, as long as the wound closed and healed properly and free of infection. Keep in mind that staple removal can be complicated if they stick to the scab tissue, causing a new level of intense pain with the sudden pulling, stretching and tearing of that area of the wound. Additionally because of this, as sort of a bonus I guess, I discovered that nurses can fly with very little effort, but only straight into walls and they really suck at landing. 😈

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