Man Gets Punished With a 2×4 Beating

It’s 4am where I am and I am going to bed after being awake for what feels like 82849595 days, so here is a quick vid of a dude getting the shit beat out of him with 2x4s. I am betting his crime was being a thief, so he needs to thank baby Jesus that he didn’t get it any worse than this.

Thanks to @MrsPink.

11 thoughts on “Man Gets Punished With a 2×4 Beating

  1. You know @yournextexgirl, I always knew we were a lot alike, kindred spirits if you will, especially since you know what it feels like to be awake for 226985.192 years! Time flies when you’re having fun! Now get some rest mortal, before you’re one of us for reals and you will know exactly how long that is! 😎

  2. He was forced to say (and advertise) that hes being beaten by Comando Vermelho because he was caught stealing a bakery in one of their territories. Also he was forced to say “Im sorry Comando!” and beg for forgiveness while he was being beated. 😀

    He also kept trying to justify “Ohhh if only i knew this was your territory, i wouldnt had done it…” …yeah right… 😆

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