Man Commits Suicide By Letting A Black Mamba Bite Him

Well, it’s not gory but it is definitely interesting. In fact, this has to be one of the most interesting ways to commit suicide that I’ve ever seen. Yesterday, September 25th, a snake expert named Arslan Valeev, 31, from St Petersburg, Russia, allowed his pet snake, a black mamba, to bite him. Black mambas are well known as being the deadliest snakes in the world. Victims usually die within 20 minutes after a bite. Arslan was upset over a recent break-up with his wife, and during the broadcast.. he gave her number out and pleaded with viewers to call her. Apparently, during a recent argument Arslan beat the woman resulting in her leaving him. During the video he says, “If I die, then I die. I will just stay with you for some time. Just in case.. on my mobile there is a message for Katia.” It is clear that the man is deteriorating very quickly and at the end of the video his eyes roll back into his head, his breathing becomes shallow and his muscles become numb. Arslan walks off camera and dies a few minutes later. The following is the translation for the video:

0:47 – I must do, what I must do.
1:44- Ouch, let go, it hurts. Good, you killed me. I will go live stream now, if I die, I die.
2:31 – i just will stay with you for a while. I make a message to Katia.
3:00- I will just read your messages to me
3:51 – Tell Katia that I love her
4:00 – Beautiful, yes?
4:14 – Goodbye all.
4:44 – I don’t realize that it’s happening to me.
5:26 – Call Katia, maybe I can see her for the last time. I am dying. Good bye.

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23 thoughts on “Man Commits Suicide By Letting A Black Mamba Bite Him

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        Here’s a great story for you to enjoy speaking of that…

        In my youth, I participated in a certain athletic endeavor. We hosted some coaches from Italy, one per month for six consecutive months. They spoke very little English, if any at all, but despite that, we managed each of their their stays quite effectively. One of them saw a Red Man chewing tobacco ad on television with some guys taking it out of the pouch and putting it in their mouths. Keep in mind they never showed them spitting in any of those ads. He then proceeded to buy a pouch to try from the grocery store, and downed a big wad thinking it was food! Of course he turned a Vulcan shade of green and threw up for the next 24 hours! I’ll never forget that and still laugh my ass off about it today! 😎

  1. Poor Katia I mean what a fucking asshole. He beats her and she leaves and his last and final attack on her is trying to get her to watch him die. Selfish fuck. I hope the cats cool and he secured the mambas enclosure. He should’ve did jumping jacks or ran in place it would’ve went quicker

    • Those are my thoughts exactly. It’s like he is such a selfish bastard that he would give his own life to hurt Katia after he done beat her ass. Who kills themselves with nobody left to take care of their cat. What an asshole. It also appears to be a peaceful death. I thought he would be in agonizing pain. I hope Katia comes and gets the kitty.

  2. I wonder if this is even real. I mean, he’s a snake expert and would know what to do to fake it. We don’t see him get bitten or die. He doesn’t seem to be in pain, it’s like he’s just falling asleep. Are we sure that he died? If so, he’s a dumbass. Go to therapy, learn to control your anger and fix the marital issues. He doesn’t give a damn about her, he’s making it all about him. And he better not have left the snake out to get the cat!

  3. While not the most venomous snake in the world, that honor goes to the inland taipan (fierce snake), the black mamba is certainly very high on the list. It is true someone can die in as little as 20 minutes, but it generally takes 3 to 8 hours to die from an untreated bite. Of course, many factors come into play that determine how long someone will live after an untreated bite including, but not limited to, bite location on the body, the amount of venom injected, and the overall health of the victim. If someone is bitten on the face, upper thigh, or neck, they would likely die much quicker than someone bitten on the finger or hand like the gentleman in the video. I do think he was genuinely envenomated, however, because you can actually see his heartbeat at times in the video which would indicate erratic, rapid heartbeat. His eyes also are a good indication (not the rolling back) as you can see one partially closing while the other remains open and active. He would suffer impaired vision and definite pain. Mamba venom is a neurotoxin and causes paralysis so the ultimate cause of death would basically be suffocation. He would have been aware of what was happening to him but would be unable to breathe as his muscles, including the diaphragm, became non-responsive.

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