Tag That Image! #38

Tag That Image! #38

Tag that image, you wunderfull Gorriorioriors! And check out last weak’s dinner here



RUNNERS-UP: @uniballer Isis fraternity pledge week was a success @sexandsuicide If you touch my Tinky Winky I’ll kill you! @moistmercy The closest thing ISIS could find to an orange jump suit for Little Hakbar’s beheading.. @gentlenatureman It’s Po™*, the latest in Middle Eastern dwarf flinging wear! * Atlatl sold separately. @harumpf

32 thoughts on “Tag That Image! #38

  1. Achmed was triggered when required to play Po of the Teletubbies in the Halloween Pagent, since everyone knows his favorite is Laa-Laa.

    “I don’t want to be used as a soap bubble wand again,” he lamented. “Besides, I’m Lebanese, not Cantonese!”

  2. After the LSD wore off, Haseece noticed he wasn’t in his fuck Merica tee anymore. And he also noticed that his pockets were filled with strange white goo rather than the usual goat brand condoms he always carried with him for the occasional ‘goat ramming’ parties he often took part in.

    • Him uttering some snackbarian verse, then climbing up on a stool to cut off the head of a kneeling hostage would be so fucking random.

      I wonder if “said” hostage might be dressed in an unorthodox BLUE jumpsuit for that event?….you know, so they didnt clash?
      We all know how ISIS love their videos’ production value

    • “Yes, im an Arab dwarf, yes…im wearing a teletubbies costume, and YES, im comfortable with that……I,..am enlightened”

      Seems that Tyler set up some of those insomniac franchises further a-field than even someone like Robert Paulson could have imagined?

  3. The last living picture of Achmed before his little premature detonation problem and his skeleton being used for a puppet known as “The Dead Terrorist”.


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