Man Is Beaten Bloody With Sticks By Group Of Dudes

I have absolutely no info on this whatsoever, so somebody make up something. A man is shown on the ground already badly beaten by the crowd around him. I don’t know what he did or if this beating was deserved or not, but he got the shit beat out of him. I don’t really know what they are hitting him with but the guy in the second video looked like he has some type of hoe… and not the good kind of hoe. I have no idea if the man survived this or not. Basically, I don’t really know shit about these videos but maybe we will get an aftermath vid soon.

Thanks to Pinky.

17 thoughts on “Man Is Beaten Bloody With Sticks By Group Of Dudes

  1. This guy was caught stealing lunch money from a group of kids that were on their way to school. They were only in 4th grade, so he over powered them and got away with about $10.

    He really wanted to buy these brand new pair of red shoes from the money that he stole, but never got to buy them because 2 of the kids that he robbed were the kids of one of the guys with machetes that killed the BDJ Councillor at his home in the previous video.

    Little did he know, the father of the kids lived just 3 shacks down from this idiot in the video, so he was pretty easy to capture. He figured a public lynching would be better because he was still pretty sore from swinging that machete 75 times in the previous video.

    • @ghoulishfiend As an non-believer myself I can see where you’re coming from but in my opinion religion did have a place in human progress since people were mostly treating each other like this before religion told them not to.
      It’s interesting to think of an idea as an organism and the people who follow it as cells, and as long as the cells are healthy the idea will remain healthy. I don’t believe that religion has done nothing good in the world, I do think that it has been a long time and as an organism it is a wretched, tumour infested menace to itself and others.
      Using that same analogy you can watch modern feminism and popular music slipping into senility but there’s still people out there that think they’re the bees knees. Ideas are dumb.

      • @thedudeabides,
        I agree with you, except for religion having a place in human progress.
        The only place religion has, is enabling people to continue what they were already doing to each other and give them the confidence to commit far worse atrocities by removing all guilt and clearing their conscience by telling them no matter what they do, everything they do will be forgiven if asked for it.
        Even though religions gave their followers lists of rules to to live by, that have dire consequences if disobeyed, people have a forgiveness loophole to use as the ultimate “get out of damnation pass” which allows people live as they please and have no fear of any repercussions for their actions. And as a special bonus, if people killed, tortured, lied and broke all of those other rules given and did these things in the name of their god, they are in the right and have nothing to worry about.
        So, in my mind, religion is the fuel that was poured on an already out of control fire and made people worse than they originally were, which gave them an extremely warped sense of morals in return.

  2. He was just trying to go his own way on his moped when he ran over a cat while riding through a small village of white knights. Of course the gaggle of cucks threw a shitfit when they saw that he didn’t let the pussy pass and formed a mangina mob to beat some beta sense into him. Unfortunately since he was a man he was dealt a more severe punishment than deserved and he died. Another alpha bites the dust entirely due to the actions of pussy whipped snowflakes.

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