Bull Fighter Tries To Take On Bull With Bare Hands And Loses

Fernando Quintela, 26, of the Group of Forcados Amateurs of Alcochete was killed by a 1,100lb bull on Friday, September 15th, in Moita, Lisboa, Portugal, when he decided to stand in front of the animal.. taunting it until the bull had enough and charged at him. The whole point of bull fighting is to stand in front of the bull bare handed trying to get the bull to run towards them while one grabs the bulls head and others jump on top of it. And Fernando was doing just that. When the bull charged at him, he trapped Fernando between his horns slamming him to the ground and then goring him once again. Fernando was rushed to Hospital of S. José where he died from internal injuries.

I have stated my opinion on this many times before but I’ll say it again. I absolutely 100% do not feel sorry for this asshole one bit. If you want to stand in front of a 1,100lb beast taunting and teasing it, then hopefully you’re going to get what you deserve. How do you guys feel about bull fighting?

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15 thoughts on “Bull Fighter Tries To Take On Bull With Bare Hands And Loses

  1. Ohhh boy… here comes the vegans again crying for the “poor” bull… But dont worry, salty tears will tender and add flavour to your steak next time you eat it. 😆

    Looks like the horn crush his insides when he landed on it on its own weight… And just for future reference, a Forcado has nothing to do with the ones stabbing the ribbs, or the riders or the actual bull fighters, they just let the bull charge them and they just grab them by the horns literally, and thats it.

    • @hfale
      It’s not a pussy sport in Brazil where people die on the reg. In Canada and America, yes. They wear helmets and shoulder pads and have rodeo clowns and shit. Then girls eat it up, thinking they are hardcore. Someone jumps on my back and I break their neck and dissolve them in acid… oh then it’s not a sport its murder… fucking pussies.

      • @sexandsuicide it’s a pussy sport because they injure the bull to weaken it before ‘fighting’ it and then killing it… kinda pointless pathetic and cruel à mon avis!
        I’ve got no problem wit killing animals for food… Just do it cleanly!

        • @hfale
          I didn’t know they weakened it. Another drunken ramble Lol. I’m not a fan of animal cruelt either. And I’m also not a huge fan of raising animals just for slaughter either, but there is no way around that these days. But I will still stick to my guns saying that Brazilian bullfighters have way more balls than the fags at the Calgary Stampede and western rodeos. But one thing we can agree on is we both cheer for the bull Lol. 🙂

          • Don’t you see the spears hanging out its back? @sexandsuicide they ride past it on horses (who are also treated terribly by the way but that’s another story) and stab those things into its back… but yep we are definitely both team bull lol

        • @hfale , just to correct you, from someone that knows a bit more about bullfightings than anyone else in here:

          1 – We dont kill bulls live after fighting them in here since a few years ago, because of the sensitive whinning snowflakes…

          2 – The wild brave bull species was actually saved from extinction thanks to the interest of bullfighting. Only brave bulls are used to fighting, not common cows or other bovines.

          3 – (And get ready for a long post)… Even though it might look like in the eyes of the human, the bull doesnt suffer. Unlike other animals, the bulls have a unique hormonal reaction, like a self-regenerative system that allows them to self-anesthetise (like addrenaline for humans but much more powerful) when injured, thanks to their hypothalamus that releases such neurohormones in cases of stress or defense, wich are 20% more advanced than normal bovines, and releases higher ammounts of beta-endorphines, wich are pain-blocking hormones. If the bull suffered, their reaction would be to retreat, just like other animals, instead, they charge the attacker.

          Bulls are natural fighters, they are naturally aggressive and extremelly territorial, and they aim to KILL ANYTHING that invades their territory, wich is awkard for a mere herbivore.

          Bulls are proud and brave animals, and as of such “testing” them in bullfighting can be seen as a transient change from the male to alpha-male, and at the end of any bullfighting, the ones that have a good performance are treated by the vets and sent back to the fields they’ve been created to mate with the females. The ones that have poor performance wouldnt survive longer in the field after being sent back, since the other bulls would probably kill them, or they would die of depression since their self-esteem and pride are their “life-forces”, so instead those are killed within 5 hours or after a weekend at the slaughterhouse for consumption. This part might also explain my second point of how bullfighting helped maintaining the species and prevented them from going extinct.

          4 – Those arent “spears”, the bandarilhas are hooks that get stuck in the skin and doesnt go beyond the cartilage.

          Hoperfully this explanation might help you or anyone that doesnt understand shit about bulls or bullfighting, stopping this “barbaric” sport would probably be the end of the “poor suffering” brave bull…

  2. These guys are simply playing with fire. I guess it’s the adrenaline rush that makes them wanna keep doing this.
    It’s strange how the less violent accidents are the fatal ones. This one didn’t look all that bad.

  3. I personally am not a fan of bullfighting. I grew up on a farm, and have no problem killing and eating steers that I used to treat as pets. What i don’t condone is the suffering of the animal as it’s a slow and painful death. Not going to protest it, but not going to support it, either.

    • I agree. I eat beef and bacon all the time and I still love seeing these guys get fucked up by the bull. They dress like the Sgt Pepper album and torment a wounded animal. I think if someone deliberately fucks with a wounded animal in front of a crowd and gets killed by that wounded animal, God wants me to laugh.

  4. I don’t have an opinion one way or the other, but I do think that a bullfighter has to get his ass killed every now and then in a truly spectacular fashion in order to make the sport continue to be suspenseful for the fans. Kinda like auto racing. The prospect of fiery crashes and death adds that level of delicious fear that makes watching more fun, no?

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