Fake Shaman Tries To Prove He Is Real But Ends Up Crocodile Dinner

Well.. we have a dumbass of the week here. The video is from Indonesia. Apparently, a teenager was swimming when a crocodile pulled him underwater, killing him. The crocodile was later seen eating parts of the teen. So in comes this real smart shaman that thought he could defeat the crocodile. The shaman got into the water showing everyone that the crocodile could not touch him. While swimming his way back to get out of the water.. guess who pops up out of nowhere and grabs the shaman? If you guessed the crocodile.. then you get a happy meal from McDonald’s. The croc pulls him under and the man never comes back out of the water. The second video is of the croc bringing the shaman’s body back up out of the water and pushing him around. The shaman looks to be dead at this point. I think it’s safe to say that he ruined his street cred.

Thanks to @MrsPink.

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18 thoughts on “Fake Shaman Tries To Prove He Is Real But Ends Up Crocodile Dinner

  1. That is a fair sized croc – prolly around 3.5 metres Here in north Aussie, we have plagues of massive crocodiles. Aussies never get taken by crocs though because we are taught from a young age to be croc safe – when a person gets taken here its always a foreign tourist. Even though there are signs up everywhere warning people of the crocs, tourists always seem to think that nothing bad will happen on holiday ! Even when walking in only 2 or 3ft of water, even the biggest crocodile will never be detected until it’s got hold of your leg. Crocs don’t eat their prey straight away, they like to stash it under the water until it is rotten. Thats what the croc in the video is doing – taking the body to his fav stash spot…….

  2. Seems like these people are sitting there like crocodile teasing is a spectator sport in Indonesia. Looks like a crowd at a boat race or ski competition here in the states…they’re even making comments to each other like “oh, damn; you see that? Guy has some moves…”. Except, it’s a crocodile eating a dumbass…you gotta love it.

    The world needs more predators-eating-dumbasses sports. We could even have sponsors for our fav crocs and bears. Like Pennzoil or STP decals on them. Maybe Durex. Or Walmart.

  3. The bodies don’t look like they are the same person. In the first vid the guy had short hair and the water is clearer. In the second vid the person has longer hair and the water looks more murky. I don’t think the vids are related in any way.

    Either way, ? – 2 pts. ? – a big fat goose egg!

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