Woman (I Think) Reduced to Ground Meat

So… a woman was riding her motorbike or scooter or whatever when she suddenly got… TIRED! ???

Ahem. Yeah, that’s all I have. No info or anything, just peaceful traffic gore you can watch while you’re stuck in traffic on your way home from work this evening. Or to work, depending on your location. Maybe you’re like me and already home chilling like the corpse here presented.

Thanks, Pink!

10 thoughts on “Woman (I Think) Reduced to Ground Meat

  1. When I see things like this I always wonder what the last thoughts of the victim were… Just before lights out. And I also wonder if it’s the same, goddamned truck doing all this because they all look the same. Must be a bitch having to wash all the blood and guts off almost everyday, using a screwdriver to scrape those bits of brain and gut out from between the tire treads.

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