Man Fighting With Police Slits His Own Throat

Man Fighting With Police Slits His Own Throat

I don’t have any info on this other than the man in the video was apparently walking down the street with a sword and a machete and attacked the man sitting against the building. The cops were called and they surrounded him. They warn him to get down but he continues to wave his machete at them and one of the cops shoots at him twice, hitting him once in the leg and he falls. While he is on the ground with the machete still in his hand and guns pointed at him.. he makes a lame ass attempt at slitting his throat a couple times but barely even cuts it enough to bleed. Boooo.. lame. Try harder next time, buddy.?

Thanks to @MrsPink!

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  1. They always told him if he lived by the sword he would die by the sword…they were wrong. But in this strange land where the police fire one shot at a time(?), at non-lethal areas(???) surely they could have let him carry out his suicidal endeavour and have one less jackass clogging up the legal system like @uniballer said. But by the looks of things that would take the patience of a saint.

    • No, this looks like somewhere in Europe. The languages are not Portuguese, Spanish or some Asian language. I really can’t tell what language is that. Sounds like a Slavic language but the scenario and their skin color doesn’t look European. I’m confused.

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