Guy Face Plants On Red Hot Metal

Guy Face Plants On Red Hot Metal

No info on where this happened but I see symbols on the side and considering it looks like some kind of malfunction I’m gonna say China. A man in a factory was working with a big ass hotter than Hades piece of metal when either he made a mistake or the machinery it was sitting on malfunctioned causing the metal to come loose. Because of its shape, the metal rolled right off hitting the worker in the legs which caused him to fall face first into the blistering hot piece. Although he was wearing a hard hat with a face shield, it looks as though he may have had it lifted up or it caught him under the shield…not sure how much good it would’ve done anyway given the circumstances. His face only touched it for a second but that thing was insanely hot so I’m sure he’s got some serious burns to deal with. Workers’ comp anyone?

Big thank you to Pinky Pink!

15 thoughts on “Guy Face Plants On Red Hot Metal

  1. Get groggy around these giants and prepare to feel the heat all in a flash.
    That’s one frigging smooch nobody wants to get ready for ! not even in their wildest dreams .!!
    The worker seemed liked a fresh starter but not explained by his supervisors nor given hands down training as to what needs done in a hot as hell environment .
    The retard isn’t wearing his usual head gear industrial gloves not even mindful that he should be wearing appropriate eyewear at least
    If its China expect everything to go haywire ….all in a day’s work !!!

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