Burning Man in a Field

Hola, friends and fiends, boys and gores. Here we have another man who found himself the victim of a torching, along with part of a field. No info came with the video so I’m not sure if this was part of a public lynching that started a wild fire or if this was a legit accident. Either way, it must be horrific feeling the lower part of your body being burned away while you are virtually helpless to stop it.

Thanks, Pinky!

Aha! It was a public lynching. The man was an accused rapist and ran into the field to escape the angry mob where he was caught and torched.

Thanks to RGM members @itchy242 and @mrspink for the additional info.

19 thoughts on “Burning Man in a Field

  1. Fuck, it hurts like hell when you burn your finger a tiny bit on a hot pan or something. I can’t imagine how bad it would hurt having your legs, and worse, your naughty bits set on fire. I would hope at some point either shock would set in, or the nerves themselves would cook, helping alleviate some of the pain. Burning alive is my #1 worst way to go, followed by animal attack, and then beheading.

  2. Flames are hungry as ever and licking on to him slowly but surely ……. If this son of bitch was to be punished why take out anger on the nearby fields which the lynch mob haven’t thought of sparing either .
    Right up to his butt the flames ate up all that he wore as a reward for his having committed heinous
    crime even his arms look rasted .
    These Baboons have a way with delivering mob justice and this is no natural fire but given to look as one as though the fields caught fire and the man got burned accidently while harvesting manuring or something .To me those long blades translate to a sugarcane field.

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