Van Rams Into Crowd Of People In Barcelona, Spain

Yesterday, August 17th, a terror attack took place in Barcelona, Spain, around 5pm local time when a white van rammed into a crowd of people that were walking on the boulevard of Las Ramblas. Las Ramblas is mostly all pedestrians and mostly all tourists with restaurants, entertainment, shops, etc. in the middle of Barcelona. So far 14 people have died with over 100 injured, 15 are in serious condition. In another attack hours later in Cambrils, five attackers drove an Audi A3 into pedestrians, injuring six people and one police officer. Police shot and killed four of the attackers and injured one. Three other suspects have been arrested. ISIS has claimed responsibility.

First video is of the aftermath in Barcelona.

Second video is the aftermath of the four attackers killed by police.

7 thoughts on “Van Rams Into Crowd Of People In Barcelona, Spain

    • Just like product tampering changed the face of packaging, hijackers changed air travel, now these asswipes will change mixed pedestrian and auto traffic patterns in beautiful historical and tourist areas. I knew RGM would have video. MSM has pixelated video, I wanna see twisted bodies and gore!

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