Man Shot and Killed While Holding Son

Man Shot and Killed While Holding Son

A man was out with his wife and children on August 8th, in Brazil, when he was shot after two rival gang members drove past one another on the street. The gang members started shooting at each other and the family tries to get away. The wife takes one of the children and runs to safety while the man tries to get off his motorcycle to take cover when he is hit in the head by a stray bullet as he was holding his son. He falls face forward with his son underneath him. What a terrible thing to see as a child. I can’t even think about my mom dying period, let alone in front of me in such a brutal way. My dad is another story. #daddyissues

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  1. First up it was a mistake for his riding a moped and then he had the whole jing bang pillion riding along in a busy market street with scores of people like fleas going about their business as usual concealing some antisocial elements in their midst who were wanted to draw first blood of one of their rival or someone they were pissed up with .
    This family was in the wrong place at the wrong time and when that happens hells breaks lose .
    Beside Stray bullets have a wander lust for blood and unless they embed within some flesh shutting daylights there’s no stopping ’em!

    Your number gets dialled easily…….. when ya are not John Rambo .

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