Man Crashes Through Crowd Of Protesters In Charlottesville, Virginia

Man Crashes Through Crowd Of Protesters In Charlottesville, South Carolina

Yesterday afternoon, August 12th, 20-year-old James Alex Fields Jr. crashed into a crowd of people that were protesting the white nationalist rally ‘Unite the Right’. He rammed his Dodge Challenger into the crowd and into other vehicles, pinning anyone who was standing between them. 19 people were injured and one 32-year-old woman was killed but her name has not yet been released. I could barely tolerate the first video because all I could hear was some hippy OMG’ing 9238402 times. James Fields was arrested and booked into Albemarle-Charlottesville Regional Jail with 1 count of second degree murder, 3 counts of malicious wounding and 1 count of failing to stop at an accident resulting in death.

25 thoughts on “Man Crashes Through Crowd Of Protesters In Charlottesville, Virginia

  1. Hey guy snapped.prolly had to be somewhere and these idiots we’re blocking the road.I think people are just sick of all this shit protesting…i.e. for Trump,BLM,deportation,Muslims/terrorism,LBGT, etc AND NOTHING EVER GETS DONE! country is so divided and everyone is a fucking huge baby. We live in the easiest modern times.we have everything at a push of a button (tv,intranet,social media,gps,money transfer/shopping,cell phone,etc) FUCKIN CARS DRIVE THEMSELVES Now! …1 phone call and you can have pizza,pussy,weed delivered to you in less than 20 minutes!..All this yet we use this great tech to rob,hack,and tweet insults. Everyone should be the happiest people the worlds seen in entire existence of humans..No hate or Racism towards anyone or anything….yet we’re all whacked.

    • Right on, it’ll be like the fall of Rome or sodom less the tweeting crap part, including the butt fucking part 😉 Some people have way too much time on their hands, but if they want to be a singing songs and a carryin’ signs, more power to them. Maybe we’ll be reverted to a time when from sunup to sundown all everyone did was plow fields, harvest, prepare the daily meal and other primitive farm crap 😉

  2. He used a Dodge Challenger? ?
    I would’ve thought a Dodge CHARGER or a Dodge RAM woulda been more fitting… know, cuz he “charged” at them and “rammed” them ?
    Sorry, ?

  3. From the videos I’ve seen, this guy was getting attacked by the antifa/blm/communist illegal “Counter protesters”, he was trying to get away from an attack and hit those people and cars. After he crashes into them, you can see the attackers catch up to him and break his back window with a bat as others beat the car with bats and socks filled with batteries. The illegal antifa/blm/communists were throwing balloons filled with urine and poop at the legal protesters. I’m no fan of Nazi wannabes, but the antifa crowd is responsible for the death and injuries and it will come out that this guy was attacked and he panicked and tried to escape bodily harm. Just because you’re a Nazi doesn’t mean you have to let those sub humans beat you to death.

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