Man Gets Mauled By Bear In Thailand

Man Gets Mauled By Bear In Thailand

Naiphum Promratee, a 36-year-old man, was dragged and mauled by a bear at Wat Luang Phor lamai temple in Thailand after the man was seen teasing the animal. The people attempting to get the bear away are screaming, “You shouldn’t have messed with the bear.”.. and yelling for the man to get up and run away. The temple had asked for food donations for the animals because they did not have enough food to feed them. Apparently, the man was dangling food in front of the animal then pulling it away once the bear went to grab it. Reeeeeal smart. Teasing a starving animal with food. Um, yeah, you deserve what you got, buddy.

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26 thoughts on “Man Gets Mauled By Bear In Thailand

  1. I swear, I’m such a woosy when it comes to animal vids. I can’t stand it! I can’t watch them! Decaps, murder, mayhem, etc. Kool. But show me a video of someone abusing an animal & I fuckin go outta my mind! You go bear…you go!!! Rip him a new one!!!

  2. Jeez, if i ever get mauled by a breast, this is NOT the group of people i want around to try and rescue me! I just LOVE their strategy….”i know, let’s TAP the bear with a stick repeatedly until he gets annoyed and leaves…. no, no, no, lets take a bucket with like 2 ounces of water in it and toss it towards the general direction of the bear. That’ll scare him!…. no, no, no, lets throw a stick at him as he walks away with the body in his mouth, that’ll really distract him! … no, no, no, lets just wait until “MacGyver” over here gets done doing whatever he’s doing with the rope, then we’ll all hang ourselves so we can escape the god awful screams of that annoying woman! ?

  3. I swear in the name of Narnia and by the moons of Saturn this is what I like when some shit faced homo -sapiens get mauled by darlings of the wilderness for teasing ,mocking and outsmarting them .
    Dangle a piece of carrot and tease poor darlings .noway they ain’t gonna spare you for they look up to us for love & affection and not make fun of them .
    I wanted that cuddly, furry & cute bear to have torn him to bits and shreds and eaten chunks of his flesh right there .. .

  4. That is not a normal place to keep a bear. Any creature would get depressed in that concrete prison. Give that bear a healthy, large, natural compound to live in, he never asked to be imprisoned for life. This is entirely the human’s fault as usual. The only ‘beasts’ here are the monkeys screaming from a safe distance and the ones prodding the animal with a stick. All of this could have been prevented had the bear been living free in his natural environment, not pestered by gawking humans.

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