Stupid Bitch Live Streams Her Dying Little Sister After Causing Car Crash

Okay, I’m about to go on a rant so sit down. This stupid bitch in the video is 18-year-old Obdulia Sanchez from Stockton, California. She live streamed herself on Instagram drunk off her ass driving with two 14-year-old girls in the backseat. One of them being her little sister, Jacqueline Sanchez, who was to celebrate her Quinceanera this Sunday. In the video, Lula is shown driving and dancing around while throwing up gang signs like a real hardcore little bitch that she thought she was. Something caused her to lose control of the car, flipping it. After the accident Lula put the camera on her dying sister and you can clearly see that the young girl is in bad shape. She has a massive head injury. Lula keeps recording while yapping the entire time and pretending to care that she just killed her little sister. In fact, she says “I just killed my little sister. I don’t care. I’m goin to jail. Imma hold it down.” The video goes on and shows her telling her dying or already dead little sister to rest in peace and kissing her head while showing the 14-year-old on camera. Lula was arrested and charged with manslaughter while under the influence and DUI.

We had this video for a few days but some of us thought it was fake because.. who the fuck does this? Turns out it was real. And if God is real then he took out the wrong girl. He needs to aim a little better next time because this bitch should’ve been taken out instead. She has no emotion in her voice. She is pretending to give a shit that her little sister is dying right in front of her because of her actions. She’d rather get it on camera and have a little bit of internet fame for five minutes. I’d love to have five minutes with this dumb girl.

Thanks @MrsPink!

40 thoughts on “Stupid Bitch Live Streams Her Dying Little Sister After Causing Car Crash

  1. Well isn’t that a one, two punch in the gut by the team of @littlefoot and MrsPink! Yeah, the MSM was all over this with the clean version, blurring out the good parts 😉 But I can always count on RGM to give the real story explicit version 🙂 You know things would go south with the pine tree air freshener flapping around in the breeze and the “mutha fucka this and mutha fucka bitch” so called music pounding out on the car stereo. RIP innocencia muchachita, but you should have never got in the car with your drunk ass lightweight sis.

  2. She is a cold hearted, self centered bitch. I seriously cannot believe these morons who are so addicted to their social media and trying to look like hot shit that they can’t even put their phone down while they’re driving. You’re dumb enough to drive drunk and then add live streaming on top of that. I’m so over all of these morons putting others in danger because of their stupidity. Her selfishness and lack of a brain killed two innocent lives. Are people really so deserpare to be ‘relevant’? If you need social media to feel accepted and good about yourself then you have a serious problem. I hope this idiot rots in jail. She can’t even show remorse for killing her little sister, still too focused on herself and her live streaming. Enjoy sharing a cell with Butch Betty asshole.

  3. “Im sorry that i killed you, baby! Now ressurect!!… SWEETIE!? Wake up! You’re californian! You never needed brains in the first place! Wake up or im gonna tell mom that youre doin’ this on purpose so i go to jail, yo’ stupid biotch!” 😆

    Hell if only this happened to all nigger lovers that would be sweet…

    • She won’t even do 10 years with good behavior and early release shit. When she get’s out dems gonna be some awkward family gatherings . . . The only form of ID she should be allowed to carry is a bus pass.

  4. They still won’t learn from the others and still won’t wear their seatbelts! Hard to feel bad for them when they can’t remember to do or just won’t do such a simple thing.

  5. Well that was heartwarming. So many siblings these days have contentious relationships, harbouring hard feelings and dwelling in the past. I don’t imagine she could have used her phone for anything else like, say, calling an ambulance or something.

    • @nocuntryforoldpervertedman I’d say that music was mostly to blame. I don’t think there’s any other kind a music out there that entices you to throw hand signs when you’re driving.

      She got her wish though, now people will forever know her for this live streamed video.

      I’ll bet she’s even stupid enough to think she got a lot of street cred for this cunt stunt.

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