Woman Becomes a Bloated Swamp Thing

Woman Becomes a Bloated Swamp Thing

Remember Swamp Thing? That used to be my shit. I remember seeing the Return of Swamp Thing at my best friends house way the fuck back when. The leech man always stuck out to me, he was just so damn disgusting. Anyway, chick here decided she wanted to cos play as her favorite 80’s hero and did a respectable job.

Props to the Pinkest!

22 thoughts on “Woman Becomes a Bloated Swamp Thing

  1. The problem is when the black panties are worn once mustn’t go near swamps ..elders say its a bad omen
    Its a bad mix though ………..sorrily the sweet thing got pulled out like a big stale fish .
    I liked the fuckers shown wearing gum boots and went about doing what they did in the swamp where the ghosts live.

  2. They guy holding up the legs was thinking, “Her bottom half don’t look that bad. Giggity.”

    Also, these third world fuckers need to be more sanitary and wear some boots or something. They’re going to get bloat goo all up in their vehicles. Even if one little droplet of that human soup get on me, I’m scrubbing that area for hours.

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