Fish Hook Removed From Eye

Fish Hook Removed From Eye

Happy Monday to all! Today’s video features a patient going in for surgery to have a fish hook removed from their eye. Don’t know if the person did this to themselves or if it was someone else while fishing but holy crap that had to hurt like hell. I would’ve flipped the fuck out and you can’t even close your eye all the way, ugh the cringe is strong. The eye looks like it healed up really nice though. It’s amazing what medicine can do these days.

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19 thoughts on “Fish Hook Removed From Eye

  1. For my eyes only, only for me .
    I cast the fish hook that was for me
    but now I have broken free.
    For my eyes only, only for me .
    The surgical tools did collide the wild abandoned side of me.
    Only for me , for my eyes only.
    I am never gonna go fishing
    cause my eyelashes like snakes keep hissing at me

  2. @Littlefoot…LOVED this video!! I find it so amazing that ophthalmologists (or whatever kind of surgeon) can perform such intricate surgery on our eyeballs without injuring them in any way. Really fascinating..thank you!

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